Friday, October 3, 2008

Waiting for monday

I'm counting the hours till Monday 6th when the Master begins. In order to calm down I've looked for things about the Master. There is something that maybe, only if I've time and money, I would like to do some of the courses of BCNPlay, done by the same people as the Master, the Pompeu Fabra University. It's a summer school about video games, where you can acquire new knowledge, for amateurs and professionals. It has courses about, for example, design and creativity or shader programming, all courses are in the context of video games.

In the Master as in BCNPlay, we found the name of Daniel Sanchez-Crespo as director of the courses. Here he has his personal web -I think-. There you can find lot of information about him: documentation, presentations, articles, etc. I've seen that he is the founder of Novarama, where they work with the platforms Game Boy Advance, PC, PSP, Nintendo DS and Xbox360.

I've found an interview of him here from iCatFM -in Catalan-. He talks about BCNPlay '08. I think the best question is the last one: "which platform do you prefer?". His answer being more and less:

[...] Nintendo's consoles have reached their limit [...] Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are very good platforms [...] but PSP is the console with which you can innovate more [...] You'll see next year.

Perhaps we should think in a PSP video game for the Master!


Cabron Tormenta said...

Psp is fuckin' dead! Like Refused :p
(no me hagas caso q voy taja)

Jake said...

Then look at the new post!