Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Video games history

I read in Vida Extra a news about history of video games. It's the first part of a documentary from Discovery Channel called in English, if I'm not wrong, Gameheadz: A Video Game History. I think it's only the first part of the documentary because it ends with Tetris and GameBoy, just when my history with video games begins -a long time ago, what times those!-. I haven't been able to find a continuation. I have read something about a DVD, but without success. If someone knows or finds anything, please write to me, I'm very interested!

The video is in Spanish:

Here below the links:
  • The new on Vida Extra, here. It includes the video in Spanish and the sources where it was obtained.
  • Here the documentary in English with subtitles in ¿Korean? -who knows!?-.
  • The documentary in English without subtitles and divided in five parts: first, second, third, fourth, fifth.
45 minutes of video games history that I recommend to everybody. I think it's very interesting to know how things were born and grew. You'll find peculiar anecdotes, and maybe some inspiration. I suggest watching it in English -without subtitles-.

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